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27-Oct-2016 14:44

The following year, Martin provided the soundtrack to Radio-Canada's hit medical series, Trauma, as well as the original score to Ubisoft's video game, Child of Light.

Martin returns in 2015 with her third album, a collection of songs dating as far back as 2012, written mostly in Montreal.

Cœur de Pirate has now sold more than one million albums worldwide and counting.

Just like the experience of being alive, they are at times awkward and out of place but furious, engaging and heartbreakingly great the next. A consummate artist, the late performer made music as easily as the rest of us turn oxygen into carbon dioxide.And naturally, he wanted to keep full ownership of his art—a desire at odds with those of the music industry.Sources tell Variety that Universal is seeking to nullify that deal.

While Prince left hundreds if not thousands of unreleased recordings in his much-vaunted "Vault" -- which is a central part of the recorded-music deals -- just one song has emerged thus far: the 1982 song "Moonbeam Levels." A full album of previously unreleased material is scheduled for release as part of the "Purple Rain" deluxe reissue on June 9.

The artist zealously guarded all of his creations, often carefully picking his own methods for release and pulling his music from streaming platforms like Spotify.