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Kevin Hart's ex-wife, Torrei, has rebounded with a new man. We're told they've been together for 2 months, and clicked after meeting on the set of "Turnt." Torrei co-starred and co-produced the flick, while Jamal co-stars and is the executive producer.

Torrei's rep confirms she's been dating Jamal Woolard -- best known for playing Biggie Smalls in "Notorious," "All Eyez on Me" and seemingly every other movie about Notorious B.

Robert Myers, ABPP, psychologist and professor of psychology at the Institute of Graduate Clinical Psychology at Widener University"This book distills the wisdom of a hundred years of psychology to its most essential and practical basics: Understand your past to better control your dating future. And because of what I learned through reading it, I didn't get caught up in focusing soley on "is this the one" and I had a wonderful time, growing in self-confidence in the process.

About five months after Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen broke up, the latter found love with someone new.

D., director of The Black Rock Center for Psychotrauma"Dr. She also suggests learning to truly appreciate yourself.

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Upon his return to Canada, he sought to bring a unifying, communitarian spirit to the highly independent colleges of the University of Toronto, inspired by the social and recreational life that he observed at Oxford's colleges.

Using her own experiences and those of her clients, she has produced a roadmap that is easy to follow and which, if followed, should lead to a great deal of satisfaction in finding people with whom to be happy. I'm probably not doing her book justice with the above snippets, but her book is truly full of little gems. Intersperced throughout the pages are useful exercises to help the reader apply the principles and discover how they work for them. I showed the book to my (single) roommate--she got so caught up in it that she didn't give it back all evening.

She has translated important concepts from her experience as a therapist and as a dating coach into everyday language that is easy to understand." -- Dr. The book inspired me to take a chance and I went out on a series of dates with someone I might not have otherwise.

During your training, you are welcome to reach out with any questions you have.

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Support continues once you graduate through our monthly Business Building Calls and private Facebook group.But while the brunette moved on from her first public gay relationship, the blonde kept her dating life on the DL.