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To qualify, you must perform volunteer work, perform military service, practice medicine in specific communities, or meet other criteria.

If you want help applying for student loan forgiveness programs, we recommend Ameritech Financial.

We will pay your switching cost up to the value of your previous facility, and streamline the process as much as possible should you wish to transfer your existing bond to FNB Private Clients.

Please be aware that you may be liable for an early termination fee with the existing institution as well as bond cancellation attorney fees.

You can learn more here on their website or call them 24 hours a day: 1-866-863-3870.

Ameritech certifies all their specialists and they will be able to evaluate your current loan structure and help guide you through the enrollment process.

If the options above don’t work for you and you simply can’t make any payments right now, you might be eligible to postpone your payments through a deferment or forbearance.

If you need lower monthly payments, consider an income-driven repayment plan that’ll base your monthly payment amount on how much you make. If you have multiple student loans, simplify the repayment process with a Direct Consolidation Loan—allowing you to combine all your federal student loans into one loan for one monthly payment.Knowing how much you can afford to borrow can be difficult to calculate - so we've tried to help you out with our loans calculator.Simply put in the amount you may want to borrow and the calculator will work out your estimated repayments over several timescales. The interest rate offered will vary depending on our assessment of your financial circumstances and your chosen loan amount.Protect yourself and your family by making sure you never put yourself in a position to lose your home.

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The Mortgage Protection Plan covers the payments of your home loan in the event of death or permanent disability.Private Clients home loan specialists have designed a range of solutions, equipping your Go-to Guy to provide you with a bespoke solution to finance for your dream home, holiday home or investment property.