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“The people may have been primitive, but they had the magic of the human mind to channel river flow to water their crops,” to quote the site’s video orientation.

“Crude irrigation ditches, monumental works of both labor and engineering dug by hand with sticks, evolved into the largest, most complex, and most technically-engineered of all prehistoric canal systems in North America.” Water in this harsh environment attracted people who built homes and planted crops to feed themselves.

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The business was originally owned by Port.ru, a company founded in 1998 by Eugene Goland, Michael Zaitsev and Alexey Krivenkov as spin-off from Data Art. Attempts to fund the company's expansion in 2000-2001 were thwarted by the collapse of the technology bubble and had to seek merger partners.

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It was started in 1998 as an e-mail service and went on to become a major corporate figure in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. Ru's sites reach approximately 86% of Russian Internet users on a monthly basis and the company is in the top 5 of largest Internet companies, based on the number of total pages viewed.

Igor Linshits subsequently took an active role in the development of the business. The company started to operate under its present name on 16 October 2001. The subsidiary will include about a quarter of the group's shareholding in Facebook, stakes in Russia's two biggest social networking sites and